Bigfoot Tim

My first documentary film, Bigfoot Tim, is finally done. What follows is the press release.

Bigfoot Tim is a 2022 American documentary film by Thomas Fasano, who created the movie from over 1,500 of his brother’s YouTube videos, old 8mm home movies, newspaper articles, podcast clips, and recorded radio interviews to tell the story of the last decade of his brother’s life.

The film was initially made for a total budget of $79, using the Filmora software on an older iMac. Bigfoot Tim focuses on the last years of Tim Fasano’s life as he filmed it obsessively before his death in 2019 of cardiac arrest at 63.

Born and raised in Virginia, Fasano eventually settled in the Tampa area. The film explores Fasano’s life as he struggles to pull himself out of poverty as a cab driver while developing an interest in videography and a passion for finding Bigfoot in the swamps of Florida. The film brims with wild stories, wild characters, strange dreamers, and big ideas about human existence.

The soundtrack uses 31 compositions by the Australian/Swedish composer Scott Buckley. It also uses the song “Wishes” by American guitarist, singer, and songwriter Matthew Mondanile, performed by his solo music project, Ducktails. The film’s trailer features the composition “Wonderful” by Scott Buckley. It will be available for streaming on Vimeo June 1, 2022.